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  Software Engineer

Working at GNHSoft provides opportunities you may not experience anywhere else.  We at GNHSoft value our employee and realize that they are our most important assets.  The challenges, the rewards and future are all yours.  Join GNHSoft “where there is no limit”.  To apply to this position, please send your resume to hr@gnhsoft.com

Job description:

Software Engineer with platform development experience, specializing in the design and development of firmware, remote management solutions and device drivers. Understanding of network programming and web services is a big plus.

Essential Functions
Responsibilities include the design and development of platform software that will interface with a variety of Operating Systems. This includes creating interface specifications, writing software to enable low level functions, creating and executing test plans to validate the software written. Also, the responsibilities include implementing industry specification, and web services.

5+ years experience in the design and development of software for new computer systems. Experience with the PC system architecture. Experience with device drivers. Good understanding of operating systems, computer algorithms, data structures, C, C++, x86 assemblies. Good analytical and debugging skills. Experience with system health monitoring instrumentation, including temperature, voltage, fan speed and alarm monitoring. Experience with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification and BMC devices is a plus. Experience with other platform monitoring capabilities, such as ECC detection, memory scrubbing, watchdog timers, and interrupt handlers is desired. Familiar with BMC controllers Skipper-I, Skipper-II,H8s/2168.

Minimum BS CS/EE or equivalent with 5 years relevant experience

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