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Firmware Expertise

Depend on GNHSoft For A Faster Time to Market
GNHSoft provides engineer-to-engineer services from its U.S. and India offices. GNHSoft engineers have great experience and special skills in the system management and firmware areas. Our BIOS/EFI/Utilities/Diagnostics team has an unmatched experience(design, development/implementation, debugging and testing).

  Depend on GNHSoft to accelerate your path to production.  GNHSoft BIOS/EFI services include:  

Platform customizations
Modules and components development

ACPI and power management
HW power-on support
Hyper Transport
IPMI and event logging
Intel/AMD/VIA/SIS/ALI/Nvidia/ATI chipsets/CPUs
Muti processors systems
SMBUS; SMBIOS; SMI; Error handling; ASF;
GNHSoft Utilities and diagnostics services include:
Debugging tools
Development environment
Testing suites
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA™):
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA™) technologies are widely used by systems/industrial computer
Manufactures around the globe. IPMI and AdvancedTCA™ advantages are proven fact. GNHSoft has distinguished expertise in the IPMI Firmware and AdvancedTCA™ areas. Our IPMI Firmware and Advance TCA services include:

Value-added components
Design and implementation (new features and projects)
Testing and Validation
GNHSoft engineers have wide range of skills that include:

x86 Assembly, PowerPC, IA32, IA-64, AMD-64, Itanuim

OOD, OO programming
PC Architecture, Customization, Technology/Specification Development
Remote management in servers, IPMI
Network programming
- Network protocols : IEEE 802.3 ,IEEE 802.11x,RFID,TCP/IP,SNMP
- Network management framework (Web NMS).
- 802.11x (WLAN) and SNMP protocols.

SMASH/CLP, CIM (Common Information Module)
Java and Javascript
Lex and Yacc
Embedded controller programming
- PPC, Arm, H8
- RTOS (uCOS-II), Embedded OS (Threadx, Embedded Linux)

Video compression
Eclipse, MFC
Web design and flash programming
OCR (optical character recognition)
Depend on GNHSoft, a company that “doing IT well™”. GNHSoft offers two types of services:

Project base: GNHSoft will work closely with its customer to clearly define the project’s requirements. Work will be delivered based on an agreed upon schedule.

Onsite support: Customers can use GNHSoft skilled engineers to work at customers sites.

To learn more about GNHSoft engineering services, please email sales@gnhsoft.com or
call (678) 287- 8521 to (678) 447- 3076
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